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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 19, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thanks for joining me. i'm michaela pereira. john berman will be back eventually, we promise. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. we begin with breaking news. six people are now dead in the buffalo, new york, area and all of this is blamed on that historic winter storm that has simply hammered that part of the country. they are always well-prepared. the people of buffalo, though, are testing the limits of their coping skills right now beneath six feet, that's right, six feet of what's called lake-effect snow. but this just might be the worst of it. at least for now anyway. when you talk about the rest of
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the country, about half of the united states has snow on the ground. and whether it's a fluke or not doesn't matter to anyone. brace yourself because more of this is coming. and the odds are pretty darn good that it is headed for you. jennifer gray is in buffalo. chad myers has the warm studio and the dry conditions. jennifer, by virtue of the fact that you are suffering through this along with so many people where you are, let's start with you. tell me a little bit about the conditions there. we're hearing about firefighters who are having to use front-end loaders to try to rescue people. we're hearing about people who were trapped in cars and then of course this tragic news off the top of the show that six people have now died because of this we are. >> reporter: yeah, this has been really serious, ashleigh. we've been talking about fire trucks haven't been able to get out to rescue people. even the snowmobiles are getting stuck. so anyone with a snowmobile, anyone who can get out and help has been pitching in. we've talked to just citizens of
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buffalo that have been going back and forth all morning long. and they have been trying to help, trying to do what they can. that's really what we're seeing all around the city because it's such a serious situation. anybody that can offer anything has been doing it. and we are seeing incredible amounts of snow. people from buffalo, you say, oh, they're used to the snow. no, people that have been here their entire lives say it's something they've never seen before. they're having to get bulldozers and plows and shove it to the sides of the streets. then they're taking it into huge dump trucks and just dumping it. what's crazy about this as well is this is so localized. where we're staying at our hotel, barely had an inch of snow. we drove less than three miles, and you have 60 inches of snow. it's incredible. chad can talk a little bit more about the lake-effect snow there in the studio. but that's what you get with lake-effect snow, about a 10 to
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15-mile-wide swath of snow. and if you're in it, it's bad news. if you're out of it, there are people a couple of miles from here raking leaves, ashleigh. >> that was the other question i had for you. with that massive snowbank, that pile behind you, like you said, just a few miles away, there was almost just a difference of almost 50 inches or something crazy. how is that? >> reporter: what happens with lake-effect snow is it's all because of the wind driving the snow in the same direction. and when we get thunderstorms, we call it training where the thunderstorms are one after the other in the exact same spot, you can get major flooding. it's basically the exact same thing that happens with lake-effect snow. these winds aren't changing directions. the snow is coming in off the lake. the lake is warmer than the air above it. so the air rises, it causes snowstorms, thunderstorms, storm clouds. and it snows. and basically where that wind is driving these snowstorms basically in the same area for
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hours and hours and hours. and so you end up with feet of snow. >> and then i'm seeing a picture beside you as you report. you look like you're in very dry conditions. the picture beside you looks like it's soaking wet, sticky, awful snow. but what i've heard is it's very, very try and it's not melting and it's hard to keep up with that. it's hard to shovel faster than it's falling. >> reporter: yeah, it is. we were in blizzard-like conditions when we first came out here. we couldn't even see across the street. now the sun is out. but it's still so powdery. and once you scrape it off the ground, there's still a couple of inches underneath it because it's so wet and heavy. and it's basically packing in and it's very slippery. even the bulldozers' wheels were spinning. even if it is dry, you see the sun out and you see they've plowed, it's still very dangerous out here. >> let me get to chad myers with a little bit of what we're in store for. i heard our colleague saying
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earlier this is only the first wave. these people have to deal with this for a few more days, chad? >> another storm is coming in tonight to line up the winds to make more lake-effect snow. here's what it looks like right now. past 36 hours. i'm telling you, i love jennifer gray, the way she explained that like a training thunderstorm. this was a training snowstorm and it trained over the same area for so very long. snowfall in cheektowaga, 65 inches. and the buffalo airport, only 6.2 inches. the problem is we have some rain coming in. that rain is going to hit that snow. it's not going to melt it, it's just going to make it heavier. and it's going to be heavier on your roof. we've heard of a few collapses on some of the roofs, especially on some of the warehouses with all that weight. now we warm up and we get more rain on saturday or sunday, going to make that very, very
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heavy, heavy stuff. lake effect, cold air, warm water and you get snow. but let me tell you this, let me show you this. if you take -- it's about 20 pounds per square foot that you're going to shovel, if you have 60 inches of snow. you've got a 20-foot-wide driveway. it's only 50 feet long. guess what that is? that's 20,000 pounds of snow that you have to move. and that's why it's called the heart attack snowstorm. need you to be careful out there. shovel a little bit at a time. don't try to get it all done all at the same time. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out, chad, because we already have confirmation that a couple of these deaths that have been reported have been due to cardiac arrest from that shoveling. it's a much bigger job than it seems. i grew up in that stuff. just a few minutes ago, the mayor of buffalo was on television. i want you to listen to him
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describe the best and only way to get around his city today. >> we have 18 snowmobiles that are operational now in south buffalo that are responding to ems calls, responding to stranded motorists. those vehicles are being managed primarily by our fire department. >> speaking of that fire department, on the phone with me, one of those firefighters just outside of buffalo in cheektowaga. the assistant fire chief, chief, i don't know where to begin. i feel terrible for what you and your colleagues are facing. can you give me the emergency situation right now? how are you getting around? how are people being dealt with in these emergencies? >> right now, we're working with multiple snowmobiles, four-wheel drive vehicles just to clear a
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path for us to walk to the residents to try to evacuate people. >> and the buffalo mayor who we just saw, he's banned driving, he's telling everyone, you must stay inside and this is not going to be remedied anytime soon. do you have any idea when you are going to start becoming more mobile with your conventional rescue vehicles? >> at this time, we have no idea. according to the weather, we're going to get another two feet. so we're trying to get as much down now with evacuating people while we have the nice little sunshine that we have here now. just trying to get as many people out as we can before the second storm hits. >> we just showed a picture while you were talking about. it showed a snowmobile. i wanted you to revisit that topic with me for a moment. that you put out the call to laypeople and residents alike,
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bring out your snow machines, help us to help this community. how many snow machines do you have out there, how many drivers, how many residents are joining in the effort to help those in need? >> as of last night, the storm hit in the morning, i believe probably 30 snowmobiles. we reached out to snowmobile clubs out in niagara county, orleans county. and the abundance of apparatus that these people brought was just pretty much overwhelming. but we pretty much utilized every piece of equipment that was sent to us. >> did you have enough warning that it was going to be this bad? did you get enough prep time? >> no. we were only supposed to get two feet. and we're looking at 65 inches at this time. so it's a little overwhelming.
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but pretty much everybody's in good spirits and we're getting everybody out. >> chief, good luck to you. i just wish you the best in dealing with this. it is mother nature at her most beautiful and worst. i thank you for your time. our thoughts are all with you and those who have lost their lives and their families over this. it's unimaginable. a year's worth of snow falling in about three days. we'll keep you posted on what's happening there. in the meantime, another story we're following, yet another woman has come forward accusing comedian bill cosby of sexually assaulting here. this time, it is a famous former model telling her story. we have details on that. plus, a former prosecutor coming forward explaining why he could not bring charges against mr. cosby in another case years ago. can't wait to get the next big thing?
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yet another woman is coming forward and accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. and this time, it's janice dickinson, the self-proclaimed first supermodel. listen to ms. dickinson tell "entertainment tonight" her story. >> in my room, he'd given me wine and a pill. and the next morning, i woke up and i wasn't wearing my pajamas and i remember before i passed out that i had been sexually assaulted by this man. the last thing i remember was bill cosby -- upping his robe and getting on top of me.
9:15 am
>> cosby's attorney, marty singer, wrote a letter to one of the publishers of this information, responding to dickinson's allegations saying, quote, her new story claiming that she had been sexually assaulted is a defamatory fabrication. the details of dickinson's stories sound like the ones from other cosby accusers. jean casarez takes a look back. >> reporter: for bill cosby, it has been a week of allegations from women who say they were sexually assaulted in the past by the comedian. many claimed they were drugged. >> i never saw any drugs. but i would wake up, completely confused, half dressed and knowing that my body had been touched without my permission. >> reporter: bowman says she went to cosby's new york apartment alone and that cosby
9:16 am
flew her all around the country as he performed at various venues. but she says the advances were unwelcome. also speaking out, joan tarzish. >> we went up to his bungalow afterwards. he made me a drink and shortly after that, i passed out. i woke up for came to very groggily with him removing my underwear. >> reporter: she says in 1969, she voluntarily saw cosby again when he invited her to a performance. after accepting drinks at his hotel and in a limo, she says she woke up the next morning with him in his bed. ironically, cosby released a comedy album that same year titled "it's true, it's true." talking about that very issue. >> there's this girl, crazy mary, put something in her
9:17 am
drink -- >> reporter: but with all the allegations and even after andrea constant went to police saying that cosby medicated and fondled here in 2004, the district attorney of montgomery county, pennsylvania, at the time said there would be no charges. constant and cosby settled a civil suit out of court for an undisclosed sum in 2006. also in 2005, tamara green on the "today" show with a similar story. >> he'd gone from helping me to groping me and kissing me and touching me and handling me. >> reporter: in 2005, cosby spoke out for the first and only time telling the "national enquirer," i am not going to give in to people who try to exploit me because of my celebrity status. now, nine years later, cosby's attorney has responded to it all with this statement -- over the last several weeks, decade-old, discredited allegations against mr. cosby have resurfaced.
9:18 am
the fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. >> and now in another twist, the former prosecutor who had a shot at prosecuting cosby back in 2005, he's now saying he's disappointed that he wasn't able to arrest the comedian. i want you to listen to bruce caster as he explains why he could not charge cosby this morning on cnn's "new day." >> i had no corroborating evidence. i couldn't do a search warrant. i couldn't look for hairs, fibers or anything to corroborate because of the time delay. i was given some information about other potential victims but all of them were from far in the past and none of them had resulted in arrests. so i couldn't use even any stretch of the imagination what we call common scheme plan or design because there was nothing unique about it. >> joining me now to talk about these allegations swirling around cosby, cnn correspondent and attorney herself, jean casarez, along with hln legal
9:19 am
analyst and attorney joey jackson. first to you, jean. the newest allegations from janice dickinson, she's famous, people know who she is. there is some similarities with the things she's saying that other accusers are saying. >> i think all the stories are so similar -- >> but are there inconsistencies? >> there are. similarities are, i was plied with alcohol, i was given a drug. i really don't remember anything until i woke up and felt i was violated. nobody describes the sexual assault. as far as inconsistencies, bill cosby's attorney, marty singer, in regard to janice dickinson said her new story is afabricat. i found an interview in "new york observer" about her tell-all biography. and in this article it quotes from the book saying she believed bill cosby when he told her she could sing but realized it wasn't true when she didn't want to be with him and then he
9:20 am
blew her off. so there are some inconsistencies. >> but does she not make some allegation that she wanted to put the sexual assault into her book and that she had to fight off his attorneys and his forces in doing so? >> she did. but also in the "entertainment tonight" interview last night, she was asked, did you ever bring this up with mr. cosby after that? no. did you ever talk to him about it? no so there's another little inconsistency. but she was very authentic and her story matches the other women. >> so let's talk about the other women and if there are others that may still come forward. we're talking about the span of 40 to 45 years, joey. >> yeah. >> is there any kind of recourse for these women, hearing what that prosecutor said, that one year was too late to scrape together a case. is any kind of criminal case or civil case in the offings? >> it's unlikely, ashleigh. it's interesting when you hear that interview of the prosecutor as to why he didn't go forward. you want to be able to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. but interestingly enough, he was
9:21 am
speaking to the issue of physical evidence. and we have to remember although we live in a csi miami society, there are situations where you can be charged with the absence of dna evidence. some people tell the truth but do so very poorly, looks like they're lying. but there are some people who lie but do so very well and it looks like you're telling the truth. but if you're a victim of a crime, you tell a friend, you tell a loved one, you go to someone, it's called a recent outcry witness. and that person could come forward in a court of law with a compelling story. and if that jury believes it, you can secure a conviction in that regard. but in terms of statute of limitations for criminal or civil actions, i think they're far gone. >> as far as the time line for any of those action to go forward. jean, joey, thank you both. we're also following another story, a real shocker.
9:22 am
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stunning allegations about dozens of pennsylvania officials, including some who investigated former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky is now serving 30 to 60-year sentence for sexually abusing more than half a dozen boys over a decade. now pennsylvania's attorney
9:26 am
general claims that many of the officials who worked on the sandusky case, the abuse case, they were at the same time breaking the law by sharing hardcore porn on state computers. on top of that, she says a gag order is keeping her from completing her investigation. here's sara ganim. >> reporter: dozens of state officials in pennsylvania, many who worked to bring down jerry sandusky, have been caught exchanging crude pornographic e-mails written on state e-mail accounts, state computers and on state time, according to the state's attorney general. in all, more than 4,000 sexually explicit e-mails were circulated between about 50 people, many state employees, over a four-year period starting in 2008. some of them at the very same time that the very same people were building a child sex abuse case against sandusky. and the porn being passed around
9:27 am
was not for the faint of heart. >> when i saw them, they literally took my breath away. and they are deplorable. hardcore, graphic, sometimes violent e-mails that had a string of videos and pictures depicting sometimes children, old women. some of them involved violent sexual acts against women. >> reporter: the e-mails were discovered by state attorney general cathleen cain who ran on the promise that she would investigate why it took three years to charge sandusky after his first victim came forward. while looking into that, her office uncovered the pornographic e-mails. those involved in the scandal include some of the biggest names in pennsylvania's justice system. a state supreme court justice, the state police commissioner and one of the main sandusky investigators, randy feathers. the e-mails are so graphic, the
9:28 am
chief justice of the state supreme court wrote that they are clearly obscene and may violate the crimes code section on obscenity. but now incredibly cain says she can't do a thing about it, can't investigate further, can't name any names that haven't already been made public. but are you investigating this right now? >> we are not investigating. >> reporter: why not? >> i cannot investigate. i am being stopped from performing my duties as attorney general. my office is being stopped from certain investigations. and we are being stopped even from telling why. >> reporter: i'm hearing you say your hands are tied. why? >> my hands are tied -- this will be frustrating you br because it's just as frustrating for me. my hands are tied because there are court orders that don't allow us to say certain things which i believe the public needs to know. >> reporter: so understand why, you have to go back to a public and very bitter feud between attorney general kathleen kane and the main prosecutor in the
9:29 am
sandusky case. it started with her criticism of how he handled sandusky. the two have been lobbying allegations against each other about whether several cases have been handled correctly. as a result, kane is now being investigated about whether she improperly leaked a memo about a case from 2009 that fena handled. and a gag order in that case is keeping kane from moving forward on the porn e-mails. as the state's top prosecutor, you're saying there's a court order that's keeping you from investigating a case that you think and the chief justice on the state supreme court thinks might be illegal? >> that is correct. >> reporter: kane says she believes she did the right thing. frank fena would not comment for this story. do you feel that the system is being abused to protect certain people? >> i knew that i was walking into public corruption, which is why i ran. but i will tell you this, even i
9:30 am
am shocked at the level of public corruption. i am shocked at how deep it goes and i am shocked at how powerful it is. i have never seen anything like this. it's breathtaking. it has been described by the people familiar with what is happening as shameful. >> reporter: most of the people who have been publicly shamed have lost their jobs, either resigning or being forced out. but the state commission commissioner, frank noonan, still has his job because according to published reports, the governor says there was no proof that he opened the e-mails. and there are also people in the private sector who have kept their jobs. >> what's next for the attorney general in pennsylvania? >> she testified before a grand jury on monday in a completely unrelated case, a different case not related to sandusky because she's under investigation, too, for potentially leaking a grand jury-related document. like i said, not related to sandusky.
9:31 am
but it is related to that feud that she has ongoing with the prosecutor, frank fena, the sandusky prosecutor. and it's related to this gag order that she says is keeping her from investigating the e-mails. sources told us that, took, there are no names in that gag order. it's vague. but she says she's being cautious because she believes that she's found to be in violation, she could go to jail. >> there's a technical term for that story, it's called a mess. sara ganim, great work as usual. thank you for that. i know you often hear about firefighters as heroes. but you're about to find out about some firefighters in that awful snowstorm who go beyond heroic. they delivered a baby. and while we're at it, how about that mom? in a fire station delivering a baby because she couldn't get to the hospital because of all the snow. we'll take you live there in a moment. denver international is one of the busiest airports
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up?
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9:36 am
we are talking about five feet plus of snow and it's still coming down there. if that doesn't blow your mind, consider this -- buffalo niagara international airport is open. the runways are not only clear but the runways are dry. and, yes, you are looking at pictures from buffalo. a whole lot of flights are canceled, though, because people cannot get to the airport because the roads effectively look like this. this is not some residential side street and these are not luge tracks. this is i-90, it's an interstate. and first responders are having to get around on snowmobiles. and nonemergency travel is completely banned at this point. six people have reportedly died because of this weather. and most of that because of heart attacks. we are told a lot of it because of shoveling snow. this snow came at a particularly bad time for bethany. yesterday bethany went into
9:37 am
labor. so travel ban be damned, her husband ventured out to drop off their son with his grandparents. here they are in very warm climates. but jared was headed home to get bethany to help a stranded driver and wouldn't you know it, the stranded driver turned toou to be a pediatric nurse. bethany picks up the story from there. he's in the hospital now. bethany, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> congratulations. congratulations on your new bundle of joy. boy or girl? >> girl. >> look at her. we're seeing a picture of you and your husband, jared. what an amazing story you have to tell. by the time your husband got back home with that pediatric nurse in tow, what did you do then? >> well, there were a lot of
9:38 am
firemen with him also. we decided to wait a little bit. wait for the ambulance to come and be able to take us to the house. so, denise, the nurse, waited with us who was so great. and we tried to get to the hospital but we didn't quite make it with our escort. and so we ended up at the firehouse. we were eventually joined there by another nurse, one who specializes in babies, maternity, afterwards, that was also stuck. so god really orchestrated the whole thing that both nurses were there, one to deliver the baby and the one to take care of the baby. we couldn't make it to the hospital in time. but we had so many people praying for us that we were just -- felt like an overwhelming peace. it was a crazy time, for sure. but a happy ending. we're just all excited and we're so, so happy and thankful.
9:39 am
>> and, so, effectively you gave birth in a firehouse. that is going to be the story that you're able to tell your new daughter when she's able to really comprehend this. >> yes. and as fun as it was, i hope she has a different experience if she ever becomes a mom herself. i just want to tell you about her name, lucy grace. lucy means illumination. we thought it would be like grace illuminated which is also kind of cool about a day that is so sad, how many people died but this baby is such a bright light in such a dark storm and everything, too. so grateful that there's a bright spot in all of this. and we really feel for all the people out there that are dealing with so much.
9:40 am
this hospital has been great, all the people here have been here for like 40-plus hours, without any relief. so the people of buffalo have really come together. we're grateful to them and to god that all this has really been a big blessing for us. >> bethany, congratulations to you and your family. you nailed it. you said a bright spot in a very dark storm. we're just thankful you all are okay and your smiling faces -- it says it all. congratulations to you. good luck. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> beautiful, beautiful baby. beautiful family, too. i have breaking news i want to bring your way. this is just coming across our wires right now. president obama has some big plans tomorrow night. apparently he's going to make an announcement about issuing executive action on immigration. he's planning a primetime address on television tomorrow night followed by an event that he'll be in las vegas for on friday. this according to a democratic
9:41 am
congressional source and another source that's also been briefed on the white house plans. so there you have it. some big news that's about to be made. the president making executive action announcement in a primetime address on plans for immigration reform. of course, cnn is all over this. quick break. back right after this. let me get this straight... yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and try lactaid® supplements with your first bite to dig in to all your dairy favorites. ♪
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits.
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wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. the president breaking news today by suggesting that tomorrow night primetime he will be on the air waves with a major announcement about immigration reform in the way of executive action. all this as he's headed off to las vegas the day after. but this news breaking from the white house where our cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski is standing by. perhaps no big surprise because we've been told, expect something by the end of the year.
9:45 am
here we are towards the end of november. >> reporter: right. it wasn't definite that it would happen so soon. this has been speculated for weeks that it could happen as soon as now because the president has just returned from his trip to asia. but this long-awaited announcement we have now confirmed will happen in primetime tomorrow night. he will take executive action on immigration followed up with that trip to las vegas that you mentioned. he'll be speaking at a school where he'll make a broader announcement and talk further about those elements. some of these elements have leaked out. but keep in mind there is, as of yet, no official announcement from the white house. so it is possible that things could change. but at this point, based on reporting from government sources and others, this executive action is expected to allow documentation or some level of legality for parents of u.s. citizens and those who have a green card or legal status here. but it's not expected to do the
9:46 am
same for parents of dreamers, those people who are brought here as children and who are already eligible for deferred deportation or deferred action under the action that president obama took two years ago. so that sounds very complicated. but it's not as broad as some might have thought that it could be. but it does broaden that limit as it stands now to some parents of legal residents here. expected to include about 3 million people, ashleigh. >> and while we're actually going to talk numbers in a moment, i want to replay some of the comments that the commander in chief, the president, made on friday, specifically with regard to this kind of action. have a look. >> i gave the house over a year to go ahead and at least give a vote to the senate bill. they failed to do so. and i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago that if in fact congress failed to act, i would use all the lawful
9:47 am
authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. and that's going to happen. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> so you mentioned 3 million. but, really, it's at this point final numbers on those people who will be shielded aren't really known, are they? this should be give a lot of fodder to critics. >> reporter: it really depends on what exactly the president is going to do. and he's expected to outline his legal basis for doing so. this has come under so much scrutiny, especially because in recent days, past speeches by the president have been sort of dredged up. and he was saying in some of these earlier statements that he didn't think he had the legal authority to take executive action. what the white house is saying about that is two things have changed. first of all, congress has made it clear that they don't intend to take action on comprehensive immigration reform and that since the president made
9:48 am
statements like that saying that it's congress' job to do this on immigration, that he ordered a comprehensive review of what he could possibly do under the law. now, since then, we've been hearing from people within the administration and others saying that they hope the president goes as far as he can under this. his director of domestic policy yesterday said the president does plan to go as far as he can under the law. so we're talking about what parents might be included in this. it's possible that the white house felt that there is a limit to what could hold up in court. some are threatening -- some in congress are threatening a lawsuit over this already. so it remains to be seen what exactly are the parameters of this. and then what is going to be possibly the equal and opposite reaction from republicans in congress? but it's looking to be around 3.5 million people included. we do know that based on the study that was done, if this
9:49 am
executive action did include people like parents of people who were brought here as children, then that would be up to around 3.7 million. >> when we're talking about the broader numbers, michelle, there are roughly 11 million people or so in this country who are undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: nearly 12 million. >> and some argue even higher, some lower. but that is a significant number and back in january of 2013, the president launched his whole push for immigration reform in of all places, las vegas, which means this would be effective that he is headed after his primetime address. >> reporter: and it will be at the same school. >> oh, is that right? >> reporter: same location. >> poignant. thank you. it's obvious what's coming. but what's less obvious is when congress is going to get the official notification, the memo, so to speak. and whether the congress, john boehner, is lawyering up, as you just heard michelle report. dana bash, our expert on congress, coming up next. a secure retirement.
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9:54 am
has said before that legislation is always preferable but that they have a wide latitude in this administration to do this, to do this by executive action. that doesn't mean that anyone on capitol hill is going to love it. particularly republicans. i want to bring in dana bash who reports heavily on all things capitol hill. i'm wondering, are there meetings with attorneys at this point? it's one thing to call him emperor obama but it's another thing to find legal grounds to stop him. >> reporter: there have been meetings from one end of the capitol into the other end of the capitol. but for some time now, this is the best-kept secret in washington. it's been an open secret that the president is going to be doing this as soon as this week. so republicans have been publicly talking about the fact that this is, as you said, evidence that he is emperor obama, about the fact that even this morning on the senate floor, the number two republican in the senate said it's an abuse of power. but the open question is, what are they going to do about it?
9:55 am
they don't know the answer to that a that and republicans admit they don't know at the moment. but that won't stop the angry rhetoric that we've seen get even hotter. >> it's no secret it has been gridlock. i hate saying that. it feels so repetitive. but could this grid lak be cemented by this action for the next two years? >> reporter: it could. you hear from democratic officials and others i talk to, we say, you know what you're doing by signing this executive order, you are waving a red flag in front of a bull, not so much because of the republican leaders but they have to deal with the republican rank-and-file conservatives who are in the house, especially from very conservative districts who are very worried about primary challenges. and they are going to be saying to their republican leaders, really, you want me to work with this president on anything,
9:56 am
never mind immigration, on anything, after what he just did and i already have a constituency that doesn't trust him? so that is the context in which this is happening. is it possible that they could do -- that the white house is right, and their calculation is, we have to do this to help the maybe 3 million, 4 million people in this country illegally and maybe down the road they could do legislation? it is possible. but it is going to make it a lot harder for the republican leaders to do this. >> dana bash, big day ahead of you. a lot of worken o yo on your pl. thanks for watching, everybody. people with type 2 diabetes
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and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. breaking news, new details on president obama's immigration plans. we now know when the president will make his announcement. we also know more about who will and won't be protecting from deportation from the united states. also right now, six feet, yes, nearly two meters of snow socking in the city of buffalo, new york, and the southern areas. it's trapping people in their homes, drivers in their cars. we're going there live for a look at this historic snowfall. and israel on edge right now. the day after five people were killed in a vicious synagogue attack. now the world is waiting to see what israel does next. hello, i'mol


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